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    LEELEE Junghyuk Candle
  • Product Name
    Junghyuk Candle
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    Where the main characters hearts become one, giving birth to intoxicating love. Inspired by the dandelions, with their wind-swept seeds regardless of the harsh conditions, they still make it to bloom. The scent defined by the blooming of love.
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LEELEE Junghyuk Candle
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How to Use

* Be sure to trim the wick to less than 5mm before burning.

  Long wick is the main cause of soot development,

* When using for the first time until the edges of the candle are completely melted.

  Minimize the tunnel phenomenon that only bursts in the middle.

* When turning off the fire, use the dipper to put the wick on the wax and turn it off.

  Soot can be minimized.

Fragrance note

하얀 씨앗이 바람에 날려 척박한 환경에서도 뿌리를 내리고 꽃을 피워내는 민들레로부터 영감을 받았습니다. 사람의 손이 닿지 않는 깊은 숲 속에서도 홀연히 피어 있는 민들레를 떠올려보세요.

이국적인 숲 향과 오래된 노송나무의 진하고 따뜻한 나무향기에 신선한 바질, 강렬한 쿠마린, 매혹적인 자스민과 화이트 플로럴이 더해졌습니다.

사랑은 모든 것을 이겨낸다고 합니다.

리리 정혁향은 사랑을 지켜내고 싶은 강인한 바람을 느끼게 하는 향입니다.

TOP NOTE : 베르가못, 시트론, 바질리프

MIDDLE NOTE : 자스민, 일랑일랑, 실버 사이프러스

LAST NOTE : 샌달우드, 베티버, 시더우드, 패츌리


* Do not burn for more than 3 hours in a row.

* Do not use a candle in an enclosed space or by the bed or when going out.

* Keep away any combustible materials (furniture, curtains, etc.) and do not put a piece of wick inside the candle.

* Please refrain from using on warm surfaces or places with heat.

* Use the candle only on heat-resistant surfaces.

* Please wait until the candle is completely hardened before lighting it up again.

* Please use keeping it out of reach of small children or pets.

* Do not touch or move the candle when it is on or in a liquid state.

* If the soot is severe during burning, please put out the candle.

* Please put out the fire before the candle burns to the bottom.

* Please be sure to read and observe the precautions on the bottom of the candle.

* In Southeast Asia, Arab countries with high temperatures, candles may sometimes melt during the delivery process.

Size and Materials
Candle : Diameter 75 * Height 90mm
Box : 85*85*95mm
Weight : 200g
Vegetable Wax, Fragrance