• Product Name
    TATB Black Solid Perfume
  • Product Name
    Black Solid Perfume
  • Product Summary
    A solid perfume with Lara Jean's cute doodly doodles printed on its metal case. Push the lid up and let it melt on your finger, then apply it on pulse points. The solid perfume has different colors and prints, yet the fragrance is the same for all three.
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TATB Black Solid Perfume
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How to Use

* Put the product on your fingertips and apply it to pulse points.

Fragrance note

Type : Oriental Floral

Inspired by the most adorable, lovable girls out there, leaving behind their girly days to move on into their adult life, or those who are still in the process. The adorable floral bouquet of Damask Rose, Moroccan Rose and Geraniums are accentuated with a pinch of precious agarwood. The delicate reverberation of patchouli, sandalwood and amber enriches the after-taste of emotion.


* If you suffer from any abnormalities or side effects such as red spots, swelling, itching, etc., when using cosmetics or direct sunlight, consult a specialist

* Keep in mind that the product may melt when stored at a high temperature of 40 degrees.

* Do not use on wounds.

* Keep out of reach of children.

* Keep away from direct sunlight.

* When it gets in your eyes, rinse with water. If you suffer from any abnormalities, consult a specialist.

* Sales Agent : Gashi Co,. Ltd. 

* Manufacturer : Product separately marked

Size and Materials


Solid Perfume, Pouch, Box

Weight : 3.8g
Solid Perfume : 55 x 50mm / 94g

Solid Perfume Box : 70 x 70 x 29mm
Olive Oil, Bees Wax, Shea Butter, Fragrance, Zinc