• Product Name
    Soohyang 200g Candle
  • Product Name
    Soohyang 200g Candle
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    Soohyang’s signature item. Each of our candles is in our trademark pink package, with a customizable label, adored by people all over the world.
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Soohyang 200g Candle
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How to Use

* Be sure to trim the wick to less than 5mm before burning.

  Long wick is the main cause of soot development,

* When using for the first time until the edges of the candle are completely melted.

  Minimize the tunnel phenomenon that only bursts in the middle.

* When turning off the fire, use the dipper to put the wick on the wax and turn it off.

  Soot can be minimized.

Fragrance note

* Itaewon 565 
  Itaewon 565 scent full of wild grass, wild flowers and various scents of flowers.

* Gangnam 8

  Nutmegs and cloves, topped by orange flowers and orchids scent

* The Raindrops

  The scent of express the sound and feeling of rain and the texture of rainy smell

* Everyday Is Like Sunday
  The freshness of citrus, the aroma of tomatoes, basil and time herbs.

* Champagne Supernova
  The scent of the sweet and sour of champagne

* Sleep Well
  Scented with lavender, rosemary and cool herb scent

* Lavender Darling
  Scent with a sweet violet added to lavender

* Fresh Mint Darling
  Fresh scent with blending sepia mint and peppermint, basil, ginger, cloves

* Mandarin
  Using the oil extracted from organic Jeju-Island mandarin, the scent is refreshing and sweet

* Verbena
  The scent of Verbena with the feeling of citrus and herbs

* Risky Citrus
  Citrus scent reproduced with the sweet and sourness of citrus pulp

* Apricot Blossom
  The refreshing scent that combines sour apricots and flower scents

* Cherry Blossom
  The scent expressing the piteous and gentleness of cherry blossoms

* April Scent
  Powdery, romantic, rich floral scent

* La Vien Rose
  The refreshing rose scent that blends the scent of rose petals and leaves

* Champagne Rose
  Pink roses and fresh lemons and red berries scent

* Petit Grain
  The scent of woodynote and floral notes in orange berries

* Pink Cotton
  The scent with cleanly dried linen with romantic floral added

* Boy's Neck
  This scent is a blend of musk and various herbs like wild lavender accentuated with lilac flowers

* Girl's Neck
  The scent of fresh grass blend with the sweetness, juicy moist and crunchy texture of the watermelon is expressed as a fragrance.

* Laundry
  This scent makes you feel cozy and comfortable

* Summer's Night
  The scent is tomato blend with sandalwood, moss and amber note

* Through the Olive Trees
  A soft and gentle scent inspired by flowers blooming on olive trees

* Violette
  The grassy, herbal, and light metallic scent coming from the violet flower

* Figue
  The robust scent of wild figs and leaves from the fig tree will get you in the Autumn mood

* Suede
  The scent is designed to harmonize the soft yet heavy texture of suede

* Love Spell
  A luxurious scent based on sensual, warm musk

* Secret Garden
  Blending the floral note and amber note to reflect the scent of the secret Garden

* New Shoes
  The smooth touch of leather and the mixture of orange, peach and apple can be found in this scent

* Yuki No Hana
  The blend of rosewood and sandalwood has a soothing effect, calming the mind and body

* Kiss Lesson
  Labdanum flower-based powdery scent is an oriental type scent that is captivating

* Hinoki
  The dry yet sugary wooden scent

* Honey
  The scent reminiscent of a sweet honeypot

* Do not burn for more than 3 hours in a row.

* Do not use a candle in an enclosed space or by the bed or when going out.

* Keep away any combustible materials (furniture, curtains, etc.) and do not put a piece of wick inside the candle.

* Please refrain from using on warm surfaces or places with heat.

* Use the candle only on heat-resistant surfaces.

* Please wait until the candle is completely hardened before lighting it up again.

* Please use keeping it out of reach of small children or pets.

* Do not touch or move the candle when it is on or in a liquid state.

* If the soot is severe during burning, please put out the candle.

* Please put out the fire before the candle burns to the bottom.

* Please be sure to read and observe the precautions on the bottom of the candle.

* In Southeast Asia, Arab countries with high temperatures, candles may sometimes melt during the delivery process.

Size and Materials

Candle : Diameter 75 * Height 90mm

Box : 85*85*95mm
Weight : 200g
Vegetable Wax, Fragrance