• Product Name
    Soohyang Diffuser
  • Product Name
    Soohyang Diffuser
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    Soohyang’s iconic diffuser. Each of our diffusers is in our trademark pink package, with a customizable label.
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Soohyang Diffuser
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How to Use
* Please pour all the refill liquid into the brown
  When using in confined spaces such as bedrooms, rooms, bathrooms, etc., only one diffuser lead should be inserted into the brown container first.)
* As the solution is absorbed into the stick, it gradually begins to fuse.
* If the fluting is weak after 24 hours, add a lead. The strong scent can reduce the amount of lead.
* When the stick dries during use, the scent may be weakened. At this time, turn the lead upside down then you can enjoy getting a deeper scent.
Fragrance note

* Itaewon 565 
  Itaewon 565 scent full of wild grass, wild flowers and various scents of flowers.

* Gangnam 8

  Nutmegs and cloves, topped by orange flowers and orchids scent

* The Raindrops

  The scent of express the sound and feeling of rain and the texture of rainy smell

* Everyday Is Like Sunday
  The freshness of citrus, the aroma of tomatoes, basil and time herbs.

* Champagne Supernova
  The scent of the sweet and sour of champagne

* Sleep Well
  Scented with lavender, rosemary and cool herb scent

* Lavender Darling
  Scent with a sweet violet added to lavender

* Fresh Mint Darling
  Fresh scent with blending sepia mint and peppermint, basil, ginger, cloves

* Mandarin
  Using the oil extracted from organic Jeju-Island mandarin, the scent is refreshing and sweet

* Verbena
  The scent of Verbena with the feeling of citrus and herbs

* Risky Citrus
  Citrus scent reproduced with the sweet and sourness of citrus pulp

* Apricot Blossom
  The refreshing scent that combines sour apricots and flower scents

* Cherry Blossom
  The scent expressing the piteous and gentleness of cherry blossoms

* April Scent
  Powdery, romantic, rich floral scent

* La Vien Rose
  The refreshing rose scent that blends the scent of rose petals and leaves

* Champagne Rose
  Pink roses and fresh lemons and red berries scent

* Petit Grain
  The scent of woodynote and floral notes in orange berries

* Pink Cotton
  The scent with cleanly dried linen with romantic floral added

* Boy's Neck
  This scent is a blend of musk and various herbs like wild lavender accentuated with lilac flowers

* Girl's Neck
  The scent of fresh grass blend with the sweetness, juicy moist and crunchy texture of the watermelon is expressed as a fragrance.

* Laundry
  This scent makes you feel cozy and comfortable

* Summer's Night
  The scent is tomato blend with sandalwood, moss and amber note

* Through the Olive Trees
  A soft and gentle scent inspired by flowers blooming on olive trees

* Violette
  The grassy, herbal, and light metallic scent coming from the violet flower

* Figue
  The robust scent of wild figs and leaves from the fig tree will get you in the Autumn mood

* Suede
  The scent is designed to harmonize the soft yet heavy texture of suede

* Love Spell
  A luxurious scent based on sensual, warm musk

* Secret Garden
  Blending the floral note and amber note to reflect the scent of the secret Garden

* New Shoes
  The smooth touch of leather and the mixture of orange, peach and apple can be found in this scent

* Yuki No Hana
  The blend of rosewood and sandalwood has a soothing effect, calming the mind and body

* Kiss Lesson
  Labdanum flower-based powdery scent is an oriental type scent that is captivating

* Hinoki
  The dry yet sugary wooden scent

* Honey
  The scent reminiscent of a sweet honeypot
* Please do NOT eat.
* Please keep out of reach of young children.
* Should it get in your eyes, rinse it immediately with clean water and consult a doctor.
* Because there is a risk of fire, please strictly refrain from using the area around the fire.
* Wipe off immediately when the solution flows out, and may leave a trace of the solution when used on wooden tables, etc.,.
* If you eat or swallow the contents, take emergency measures and consult your doctor immediately.
* All diffuser bottles may have a cleaner or print residue. It doesn't mean that the product has a defect and we can't offer any exchanges or refund.
Size and Materials

Liquid Solvent : 300ml

Box : 18.3 x 22.4 cm
Ethanol, Fragrance, Dipropylengritol Monomethyl Ether