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  • Life is better When you smell nice

    Brand Soohyang

    Soohyang is a leading fragrance brand from South Korea.
    The founder’s name is the brand name, which means ‘excellent fragrance’.

    Fragrance reflects characteristics of the space, as well as emotions and the inner world of the people within the space. Like an outfit that fits perfectly, or a moving piece of music, sensitively chosen fragrance carries a special meaning.

    We designed a variety of scents, in the hope that every customer can find a scent they fancy. You can use one of our scents on its own, but they can also be reinterpreted by using multiple scents at the same time. The fragrances are produced in different product categories, to invite our customers to experience them in diverse ways.

    Living means having to stay somewhere. It feels that only good things will happen at a place with a good fragrance.

    Seeking for a suitable fragrance for oneself is a very pure and primal pleasure. We believe a good fragrance can influence life in a positive way.

    *All Soohyang products are manufactured in Korea
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